I am using ArcGIS 10.1

I'm not a programmer

I want to use the field calculator to add 4 days to the current date if the status is "delivery"


subtract 5 days if its status is "order"

this result need to have in the field of "New Date"

Example table

current date 13/11/2014

If the status is "delivery" is new date 16/11/2014

If the status is "order" new date is 09/11/2014


I noticed a few irregularities in your example: 1) your date field is actually a text field and 2) your math does not seem to be correct. The following approach should work for you:

In the Pre-Logic Script Code

def correctDate(x,y):
  if x == "delivery":
    newValue = str(int(y.split("/")[0]) + 4)
    a = newValue + "/" +  y.split("/")[1] + "/" + y.split("/")[2]
    return a
  if x == "Order":
    newValue = str(int(y.split("/")[0]) - 5)
    b = newValue + "/" +  y.split("/")[1] + "/" + y.split("/")[2]
    return b

In the box below that:

correctDate(!state!, !current!)

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