I'd be thankful for your help. i created a point layers of store locations and customers in Florida by given coordinates (WGS 84 EPSG: 4326). Now i need a distance matrix between stores and customers but the result is in decimal degrees i think. I understand i have to reproject the 2 layers so that i can work with meter but how dows this work in QGIS? Which projection should i use and which setting should i use?

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You have to reproject your coordinates to a cartesian system, like UTM. To do this, first, look at the UTM zone for your region, for example in this site and take note of the EPSG or Proj4 definition. Then, in QGIS, save the vector layer with another name, using "save as". You will be given the opportunity to specify a new SRS. Lastly, open the new layer and compute the new distance matrix. It will give you the results in meters.

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    Thanks, i tried that, and transformed the two layers into WGS84 / UTM zone 17N, butr after calculating the distance matrix there are no entries in the csv file besides the header, even though it took some time computing...
    – Michael
    Nov 14, 2014 at 13:24
  • Difficult to say without any further information. Try again, check the settings. Good luck.
    – user21313
    Nov 14, 2014 at 13:28

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