Assuming we have a ILayer object, I'm looking for how to get the layer description.

I mean the description text of the layer properties:

enter image description here

I didn't find it into the ArcObjects documentation.


You can access this through ILayerGeneralProperties "LayerDescription" property:

Dim pLayerFile As ILayerFile
Set pLayerFile = New LayerFile

pLayerFile.Open ("C:\Tmp\Robert.lyr")

Dim pLayer As ILayer
Set pLayer = pLayerFile.Layer

Dim pLayerGenProp As ILayerGeneralProperties
Set pLayerGenProp = pLayer

MsgBox pLayerGenProp.LayerDescription

Code courtesy of Chirag Danech

Or, if you have a MapServerLayer, Use IMapLayerInfo's "Description" property:

enter image description here

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