I am trying CURL to seed geowebcache:

curl -v -u USERNAME:PASSWORD -XPOST -H "Content-type: text/xml" -d "<seedRequest><name>WORKSPACE:LAYER</name><srs><number>4326</number></srs><zoomStart>1</zoomStart><zoomStop>12</zoomStop><format>image/png</format><type>truncate</type><threadCount>2</threadCount></seedRequest>" ""

this works like this: enter image description here

But this command deletind all tiles cached via GWC demo page.

I tried seed type like this.

curl -v -u USERNAME:PASSWORD -XPOST -H "Content-type: text/xml" -d "<seedRequest><name>WORKSPACE:LAYER</name><srs><number>4326</number></srs><zoomStart>1</zoomStart><zoomStop>12</zoomStop><format>image/png</format><type>seed</type><threadCount>2</threadCount></seedRequest>" ""

But no tile is creating on server. Disk quota is 0MB.

I am trying to create seed task from wen UI but not working.

Demo gwc page is working and creating tiles. And openlayers application is creting tiles.

But I caould not create qutomatically seed and create tiles.

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if you are using geoserver built in geowebcache, this issue cen be occured. I recommand you that install a standalone geowebcacbe. Standalone installation is working fine.

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