I am converting data from spatialite to fileGDB (and reverse) for a project using QGIS and ArcGIS. When I convert using ogr2ogr (or QGIS) from spatialite to fileGDB, the points are translated slightly during the conversion. If I convert from spatialite to shapefile, there is no translation. This is verified by doing a select by location query or by identifying the coordinates. I have verified this condition in windows, and built gdal/ogr in linux using ESRI's fileGDB library. Both produce the same results. Based on my testing, it appears to be the write portion of ESRI's fileGDB library. I have modified the XYSCALE and XYTOLERANCE settings, but neither appear to change the output. Can anyone verify, or is there a solution? The points are only translated slightly, typically 0.0001 ft, but it is enough to make spatial queries fail and prevent point updates. GDAL version is 1.11.1.

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