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I have joined some data from Excel (.csv) "text" to my attributes table of one feature class. However I can't edit it. I found out it is still connected to Excel file from where I added it, and I need to edit changes in original Excel file to make them appear in ArcMap 10.2.

I'd like to know, how can I break the link from the original file and make the data appear independently in a 'field' inside the feature class.

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If you want to preserve a permanent copy of the fields that you have joined to a feature class, you need to export it to a new feature class. Right-click the layer in the TOC and choose Data > Export Data.


An alternative to exporting the results of a join is to use the Join Field tool instead of creating a join. This tool directly adds the attributes to the feature class based on a join (one step) as opposed to joining and exporting (two step).

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