I have compiled i.atcorr and run for different data sets. The problem is, it is writing the output 4 times of input image. I checked for data types, they are fine. I am not able to catch where exactly problem is. Can anyone suggest me?

I also want to mention that image first processed for toar using grass gui 6.4.4 and then the image passed for i.atcorr (customized for our purpose) actually in toar itself it is getting doubled. Is there any problem in gui version of i.landsat.toar? I have used for landsat5 tm data path141row43. Please suggest me.

  • First, did you check the extent of the computational region? Second, what is 4 times (bigger, I guess) than which input image? An image (a Landsat band in this case) stored in GRASS' data base? Which data types are fine? – Nikos Alexandris Nov 29 '14 at 0:13
  • Did you also check, which datatype your Pixels are? Landsat8 is delivered with 12bit/pixel. I'm not familiar with the atcorr procedure in GRASS - but if it outputs 32bit/pixel (single float) that would explain the jump in filesize (if you mean filesize). – Kersten Nov 29 '14 at 14:02

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