I am trying to erase any polygons that do not have a line intersection through them and am unsure of what tool to use using ArcMap 10.1

  • Hi Claire, welcome to GIS.SE. Please indicate with the appropriate tag or in your question what software you're using to attempt this. – Michael Stimson Nov 26 '14 at 2:24
  • I am using ArcMap 10.1 – Claire Nov 26 '14 at 2:27

To remove polygons that don't have an intersection with lines:

Open ArcMap and add the polygons and lines to the table of contents.

Locate the Select by Locations dialog and select the ones that do intersect.

Select by location

Switch the selection by going to the selection in the table of contents

Selection tab

Right click on the layer name and select 'switch selection'.

Start editing and press delete:

Edit Delete

Don't forget to save edits.

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