I am testing the PostGIS map algebra (ST_MapAlgebra) on two different raster tables.

Each table contains a single image/row. They have the same SRID but different, overlapping extents and different ground resolution. What I did was:

SELECT ST_MapAlgebra(t1.rast,t2.rast
        ,'([rast1]+0.001)/([rast2]+0.001)') AS rast
FROM t1, t2 

And I got an error saying that

rt_raster_iterator: The set of rasters provided (custom extent included, if appropriate) do not have the same alignment

Now, what I want to do is to resample t1.rast and t2.rast to their common area (i.e. intersection) at the higher resolution of the two rasters.

Is there a function for this in PostGIS (2.1+)? and, if not, how should I go about making such a query?

I looked at ST_REsample, and it seems that it can only sample one image to the reference grid of another. Also, the documentation says that it does not handle SRID since PostGIS 2.1.


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SELECT ST_MapAlgebra(t1.rast,ST_Resample(t2.rast, t1.rast)
        ,'([rast1]+0.001)/([rast2]+0.001)') AS rast
FROM t1, t2

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