I took some ASCII files and created points with attributes. I am trying to join the line features to these but a simple join function will only take the one that is closest. Is there a way to perhaps duplicate a line feature if there are two points that correspond to it? I am trying to accomplish this on ArcGIS.


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Yes, you want the Spatial Join tool. The difference between this and just right-clicking and joining your layer is that there is an option to select the Join Operation.

If you change this to Join-One-To-Many your line feature will be repeated for every point it intersects:

JOIN_ONE_TO_MANY —If multiple join features are found that have the same spatial relationship with a single target feature, the output feature class will contain multiple copies (records) of the target feature.

Spatial Join

In addition to this the tool provides more methods of how the Match is carried out, which may also be useful.

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