I have two shapefiles, a.shp and b.shp, containing point features with the following attribute tables:

id    att1   att2
1     1      1
2     2      2

id    att1   att2
3     1      1
4     2      1

If I use Vector->Geoprocessing Tools->Union to create a new shapefile ab.shp I end up having an attribute table like this:

id     att1    att2    id_2    att1_2   att2_2
1      1       1       null    null     null
2      2       2       null    null     null
null   null    null    3       1        1
null   null    null    4       2        1

But what I would like to have (and how it is in ArcGIS Desktop) is the following:

id   att1  att2
1    1     1
2    2     2
3    1     1
4    2     1

The fields are all of the same type (QString). So what would be the right way to produce the desired output?

  • What do you mean by 'how it is in arcgis'? You're looking for an Append type of function. There's a specific tool for that in ArcGIS, but depending on context Merge would get you a multi-point feature rather than separate point records. You don't want a Union, which is meant to combine attributes based on shared geometry. You could also start editing, copy the points from one shapefile, and paste them into the other. – Chris W Nov 27 '14 at 19:54

I would suggest using Vector/Data management Tools/Merge Shapefiles to One. I did a quick test using the data you supplied above, and also some of my own data, and both times it seemed to achieve what you wanted.

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Slightly off-topic, if you have gdal, you can also merge any number of shapefiles as follows on the command line:

ogr2ogr -update -append ab.shp a.shp  -f "esri shapefile" -nln ab
ogr2ogr -update -append ab.shp b.shp  -f "esri shapefile" -nln ab
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