I'm developing an Android application that cannot use internet and need to deal with maps and positioning.

Download OpenStreetMap data seems to be a good solution to access map information offline. However, I need some basic algorithms running locally on the cellphone, like geocoding and reverse geocoding.

Does anybody know a library for Android that can consume offline OpenStreetMap data and provide geocoding and reverse geocoding on the cellphone?


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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android supports offline geocoding, reverse geocoding, and routing. The API is the same for online & offline, you only need to initialize the task, e.g. RouteTask, for local route or online route. The Locator abstract class is used for creating offline/online geocoders.

Here is a SDK sample source code to investigate


AFAIK there is (currently) no such lib https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Frameworks


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