I am unable to remove the legend from a CartoDB layer. I have passed legends: false in createLayer options but with no luck. Below the code i used :

cartodb.createLayer(map, BikeTrails)

                .on('done', function(layer) {legends:false

                layerBikeTrails = layer;

L.control.layers(null, {
    'Dedicated Bike Lanes': layerBikeLanes, 
    'Bike Share Toronto': layerBikeShare, 
    'Bike Stores': layerBikeStores, 
    'Access to Multipurpose Trails': layerBikeTrails

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It looks like you are not passing the layer options in the right place.

This should work:

cartodb.createLayer(map, vizjson_url, { legends: false })
.done(function(layer) {
   /* ... */

For more information, have a look to the cartodb.js documentation.


Keep in mind that options is the third argument of createLayer:

var options = {
  legends: false

cartodb.createLayer(map, url, options).addTo(map);

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