I'm using QGIS 2.0.1 Dufour to create a layer from a csv file. When I try to define the geometry and assign the x y coordinates sources, I'd expect QGIS to recognize the decimalLongitud and decimalLatitud columns, but instead the field is:


for both x and y coordinates ...

what could be wrong?

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    Can you show us the top few lines of tje file? – Ian Turton Dec 3 '14 at 19:48
  • Oh! Thanks for your interest! I just solved the problem. It was just about choosing semicolon as delimiter; so I guess I'll delete the question for us all to forget the matter, right? Thanks again. – EstherRR Dec 3 '14 at 20:05
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    Esther if it can be reasonably expected to help someone else with a similar difficulty in the future, it's encouraged tp post your own solution and accept the answer. (deleting is fine too if the Q is too localized) – matt wilkie Dec 3 '14 at 20:45

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