How can I get hold of a OpenLayers3 map object associated with a specific id or class (unique)?

I searched and found this thread, which says something like:

var map = $('.my_map_class').data('openlayers'); //assuming there is just one map on the page

But I got an typeerror saying that map is not defined. I have tried replacing $ with jQuery, and it didn't work either.

Any pointers?


Your code snippet would work if a reference to the map object was added to the DOM element using jQuery's data function. With something like this:

$('.my_map_class').data('openlayers', mapObject);

But OpenLayers does not do that for you. (OpenLayers is not even based on jQuery.)

So if you want to get a reference to the map object from the DOM element using jQuery you have to add that reference yourself, using data as done above.

This is what I'd do:

var map = new ol.Map({
  target: 'map'
  // ...
$('#map').data('map', map);

With that you can get a reference to the map using:

var map = $('#map').data('map');
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  • For use without jQuery: document.getElementById("map").data = map; and var map = document.getElementById("map").data; – bennos Sep 26 '18 at 19:57

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