Seems earlier ArcMap versions made this possible:

I have one raster (pixels are landcover classes) and a set of buffers stored as multiple polygons (possibly overlapping) in a polygon shapefile.

Using Zonal Statistics as Table, I specify these files as input raster and zone field, respectively. Produces one zonal statistics table for the total area covered by all ploygons in the shapefile.

Is is possible, without scripting, to compute and store one zonal statistics table for each polygon in the shapefile?

If scripting is necessary, what is the latest ArcMap scripting environment called and is there a tutorial demonstrating how to solve this problem?


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Try exploding the polygon shapefile first. If they are stored as a single multipart feature the statistics will be computed for the combined polygons.

Edit: missed the overlapping part of the question, but unless they are all overlapping then you should get statistics for each non-overlapping polygon.

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