I'm working on a web project centered around the input and mapping of GIS data. We have a need to display polygons of town boundaries.

The RightMove.co.uk website has and uses this data: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/map.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^20140&insId=1

RightMove overlaying town boundary on Google map

Does anyone know a provider of this information (town/city boundaries)?

I've contacted Google sales, but they've said they don't have this data. So it appears RightMove got it from another source.

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There's the Ordnance Survey OpenData now. You could try the Strategi product. This has urban_region polygons, but they don't have names since they are often several towns now in a conurbation. Combining with the settlmnt_point layer you could use that to get the names.

Here's the polys and points on top of a google maps layer (done using QGIS)

enter image description here

As you can see, the blue polygon relates to Portishead and Redcliff Bay. Anyway, maybe you can use this.

The Ordnance Survey Strategi (Version: 01/2011) is available from


Also, you may be asking the same as:

UK cities boundries in Ordnance survey


If you require Higher Quality City (Urban Areas) data:

Vector Map District is derived from a larger scale than the Stategi product mentioned http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/os-vectormap-district/index.html

The VectorMap District Building Outlines is the most accurate and up-to-date dataset available without cost (under OpenData Licence) from the Ordnance Survey.

Scale of the Datasets

VectorMap District Scale The nominal viewing scale is 1:25 000, with a recommended viewing scale range of 1:15 000 to 1:30 000.

Strategi The definitive 1:250 000 scale dataset for Great Britain suited to multiple applications using a geographical information system (GIS), computer-aided design (CAD) and digital mapping systems.

  • Strategi lacks most urban areas. Vector Map is probably overkill. The best dataset would be meridian 2. – Matthew Snape Jul 22 '11 at 19:24
  • Meridian2 is sourced from 'Strategi® 1:250 000' for Developed land use areas and place names. see page 8 on the pdf > ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/docs/user-guides/… - Google Map in Satellite mode can be detailed enough for Vector District – Mapperz Jul 22 '11 at 20:13
  • Of course all this data has to be re-projected to WGS84 for the data to overlay and align onto Google Maps. QGIS can do this easily. – Mapperz Jul 22 '11 at 20:16

www.boundaries-io.com I do work for boundaries io

BS20 which is postal of Bristol..this API gets exactly what your looking for and returns simply GeoJson to integrate into GoogleMap easy.


Gets you the below in googlemap, after consuming the GeoJson Response. enter image description here

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