I'm creating a custom Qt app that uses pyqgis for showing data on maps. I have successfully created a map canvas that shows a world map from a WMS server.

Now I'd like to overlay data on this map. However, it seems that my vector layer interprets all coordinates in meters instead of lon/lat.

Here's more or less what I do to setup my data layer:

my_layer = QgsVectorLayer('Point', 'My Layer', 'memory')
pr = my_layer.dataProvider()
pr.addAttributes([QgsField('name', QVariant.String),
                  QgsField('value', QVariant.Double)])

# add a point at lon=7.8, lat=47.5
feature = QgsFeature()
feature.setGeometry(QgsGeometry.fromPoint(QgsPoint(7.8, 47.5)))
feature.setAttributes(['some name', 0.0])

# ... add layer to registry and canvas

The point shows up nicely but in the wrong location. How can I get qgis to interpret my coordinates in lon/lat?

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    Obviously you need to reproject your coordinates from 4326 to the CRS that is used in your project. – SS_Rebelious Dec 11 '14 at 16:49
  • I use the qgis libraries in my own custom app so there is no such thing as a project. – Lukas Dec 12 '14 at 9:25

Ok, I think I figured it out. Apparently the map canvas has its own CRS and on the fly projection for layers which use a different CRS is disabled by default.

Enabling OTF projection with


did the trick. (my_canvas being the QgsMapCanvas in my Qt window).

my_canvas and my_layer actually both had the EPSG:4326 CRS set which I assume is the default. But my background layer used meters, so I think it was the background layer that was projected wrongly.

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