I don't know a whole lot about python and scripting, so I was hoping somebody could give me a couple pointers on fixing some code. I am trying to calculate a "final results" attribute field. The field type is numeric, because I want the values to either be a 1 (pass) or 0 (fail). Below are two variations of the code I have tried, but they both give me errors. The two fields I am trying to calculate from are both text fields, and the values for both are either "PASS" or "FAIL."enter image description here enter image description here

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    What was the error? You also seem to be returning strings, not numbers. Dec 11, 2014 at 20:12

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In general your condition statement should go as:

if TEST1 == 'FAIL':
    return 0

Single or double quotes for checking fields with string values, and when returning to a numeric field no quotes needed.


If I'm reading your logic correctly, if either Test1 or Test2 = FAIL, you want to return 0, but if both = PASS you want to return 1. I'd do something like this:

def Final(t1, t2):
    if t1 == 'FAIL' or t2 == 'FAIL':
        val = 0
    elif t1 == 'PASS' and t2 == 'PASS':
        val = 1
        val = 2   # this allows you to check if t1 or t2 had some other value
    return val

You could use a dict structure ({key: value}) to convert keywords like PASS to the standard bool type (i.e., True and False). After this conversion to bool, it is conventional logic:

def Final(t1, t2):
    c = {'PASS': True, 'FAIL': False}
    t1 = c[t1]
    t2 = c[t2]
    if t1 and t2:
        return 1
        return 0

Note that if you have other test values like GOOD or Pass, you will see a KeyError, so you can extend the dict structure, if necessary, to other synonyms that are either True or False.

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