I am learning and using QGIS Brighton and have hit a obstacle. Everything has been going fine until I started using the experimental generalizer to smooth the contours that I had extracted from some DEM's but it may be something else.

When I create a vector, it all works well until I right click to save. I get a blank dropdown screen. I uninstalled generalizer and then QGIS did a reinstall to no avail. Several times. This blank drop down is starting to apply to other menus (contour extraction, attribute table, qgis-bin etc.) it is a little bit annoying as you can imagine. Any ideas in how to resolve?

  • Think I may have solved it. Did a clean reinstall deleting .qgis2 from users menu, qgis folder from C. Deleted qgis remnants from registry. Then found out about disappearing toolbars from manual so removed registry key ( ...\QGIS\UI\state) reinstalled QGIS then went into settings /options /system / Qsettings and reset the user interface to default settings. Chug chug! Back in action. – paul Dec 16 '14 at 17:01

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