I have a line in a PostGIS table test_line. I want to extract it's nodes into a multipoint geometry.

I tried the following:

SELECT ST_Collect((ST_DumpPoints(the_geom)).geom) FROM test_line;

But it gives me the error ERROR: set-valued function called in context that cannot accept a set.

What do I have to change in order to get it to work?

  • I'm curious to know whether and how you want to scale up your test case. – raphael Dec 27 '14 at 3:09

I had a similar problem and this mailing list post helped me:


The solution they came up with is as follows:

SELECT gid, ST_AsText(replace(ST_AsEWKT(geom), 'LINESTRING',
 (SELECT 1 as gid, 'LINESTRING (0 0, 0 3, 3 4)'::geometry AS geom
  SELECT 2 as gid, 'LINESTRING (1 1, 2 6, 7 7)'::geometry AS geom) AS g;

ST_Dump is returning multiple values for one row, which cannot be nested within the ST_Collect() function, so you must separate things out using a sub-query.

 SELECT ST_Collect(the_geom2) 
       SELECT (ST_DumpPoints(the_geom)).geom AS the_geom2 
       FROM test_line) foo;

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