I created custom tiles in TileMill with latitude/longitude boundaries of:


I added those tiles into the map and set the tile layer's bounds attribute, but Leaflet still is giving me a lot of "Not Found" errors in the console.

Here's my code for adding the tiles:

    "parks boundaries": L.tileLayer('data/custom-tiles/boundaries/{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
           bounds: [[43.3377,-89.8235],[43.4741,-89.5952]]

Here are some of the errors I'm getting:

GET http://localhost/cart575final/data/custom-tiles/boundaries/14/4105/5994.png 404 (Not Found) 
GET http://localhost/cart575final/data/custom-tiles/boundaries/14/4105/5995.png 404 (Not Found) 
GET http://localhost/cart575final/data/custom-tiles/boundaries/14/4105/5993.png 404 (Not Found)

Why is Leaflet still trying to fetch tiles that don't exist when the bounds of my tiles are clearly stated?


I think you are asking the wrong question ...

Leaflet does the right thing: the tiles you see in your errors belong to your boundaries.

To be convinced of it, please have a look at this JSFiddle where your boundaries are shown as a rectangle.

You see that Leaflet only loads the tiles needed and that 14/4105/5993.png is shown

  • My boundaries are pulled directly from the Tilemill file used to create the tiles. Why would Tilemill incorrectly display the boundaries? – CaitlinW Jan 27 '15 at 17:50

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