I am working on a MapBox studio project that was originally the pre-styled 'OSM Bright 2'.

I have since made lots of edits and would now like to add some subtle hillshading. I can see hillshading is built into some of the other styles like Satellite Afternoon.

How could I include the hillshade source to my OSM Bright 2 style?


Check out the docs here under layer source ordering. In short:

Under the Layers tab, click the blue change source button at the top of the panel. The modal will give you a list of suggested remote and local sources, as well as listing your existing source(s) as a comma-separated list in the text field at the bottom.

Add the source terrain layer mapId to the beginning of your comma separated list. The mapId for hillshades is mapbox.mapbox-terrain-v1 or the newly released mapbox.mapbox-terrain-v2. So, if you're working off of OSM Bright 2, change this:



mapbox.mapbox-terrain-v1,mapbox.mapbox-streets-v5 or mapbox.mapbox-terrain-v2,mapbox.mapbox-streets-v5

For pointers on how to style mapbox-terrain-v1 checkout any of the example style projects that use it. For pointers on how to style mapbox-terrain-v2 check out this blog post.


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