I've got two rasters of the exact same location (So every pixel in one raster is equivalent to the pixel in the other raster).

Raster A has a resolution of 6m per pixel. Raster B has a resolution of 12m per pixel.

I want to divide Raster A by Raster B, and receive an output of 6m per pixel (Like raster A). I'm trying to do this via ArcMap and couldn't find a way to do it. Every method gives me an output resolution of 12m.

Any ideas or any other recommended method?


You need to resample your 12m raster to 6m in order for the division to work. The basic way is to use Resample tool in the Data Management library.


you can also modify the environment settings (bottom of your tool) of your tool and set a pixel size (raster analysis tab) of 6 m or select "minimum of input"(the default is maximum of input). This way you don't have to create a new raster. Of course, the advantage of resampling by yourself is that you have full control on the resampling method (within environment settings it will be nearest neighbour).

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