I'm using last GDAL from trunk, and trying to read from Google Maps Engine (GME) vía GME driver

I already exported

GME_API_KEY: My API Key, for the app I registered
GOA2_CLIENT_ID:  Generated with the "ClientID for installed applications" option in Google OAauth2 API Console

Also ran swig/python/scripts/gdal_auth.py script this way:

python swig/python/scripts/gdal_auth.py -s gme

Obtaining a GME_REFRESH_TOKEN, valid for 1 hour.

The problem is I'm getting a HTTP 401 error (Invalid credentials) with requests like this one

ogrinfo "GME:tables={my_table_id}"

Debugging, I've found the Authorization: Bearer HTTP header is incorrect. But I've used the same client id and client secret for QGIS GME plugin and it works.

What should I do to make the driver work?


I already fixed it. I had to follow these steps:


  • Define GME_REFRESH_TOKEN, which allow the app to refresh the token

No problem, so far. Just followed the wiki page

  • Define GME_AUTH (or provide 'auth' in the query string). This is not specified in the wiki page, but can be found here:

The steps to get those environment vars are:

  • GOA2_CLIENT_ID, GOA2_CLIENT_SECRET, GME_APIKEY --> from Google API console

  • GME_AUTH, GME_REFRESH_TOKEN --> execute gdal_auth.py. Also stated in the wiki page. Just use the interactive option.

gdal_auth.py -s gme

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