I have a river network (lines) and a shp with states (polygon). I would like to split the lines at the state boundaries --> split lines by polygon boundaries.

Is there a geoprocessing tool to do this in QGIS? I can't merge the lines by the way, since they are meaningfully split into tributaries/ main river.

  • I have tried using vector geometry/ vector overlay / lines intersect tool. This gives me a point layer where lines overlap. However not all overlapping points were found, and I would still prefer if it can be done automatically. – Elena Wimmerwuchs Dec 18 '14 at 15:03

I have a processing model for that: https://github.com/falu/qgis-split-lines-by-polygons. It works only with qgis 2.4

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This is now possible by default in QGIS with the Intersect tool.

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Intersect didn't work for me in 2.18 or 3x.

To split road lines by zone polygons I used SAGA - Line Polygon intersection that split the line by the polygon

Then the "Attribute Transfer" plugin conflated the attributes across.

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