I am trying to use inline variable substitution in ModelBuilder to return the name of a raster used in Zonal Statistics as a field in my output table (see model below).

Currently, the model works fine using the "%Raster Dataset%" to get the field I want, but it returns the FULL file path - e.g. C/Users/Newton/GIS/Project/RASTER123 instead of just "RASTER123". Anyone know how to just select the name of the input raster, not the full path?

enter image description here

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With some help from colleagues and lots of googling I found the answer.

If you choose "Insert" --> Model only tools --> Parse Path, and connect the Raster Dataset to this, choose Parse type = Name, and Rename the "Value" output from the ParsePath tool to "RasterName", you will get JUST the Raster name if you change the expression (blue, in jpeg above) to "%RasterName%".

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