Does anyone know how to perform a overpass-api request like this?

"Show me all banks in Germany"?

I could just show all 'amenity = bank' in a specific bounding-box. But Germany (or most of all countries) doesn't fit very well in such a bbox.

Is there any way to do this? Have you an example? Server performance or runtime is secondary since we could host a own server or something like that :)


Using Overpass turbo, the syntax is:

out meta;

nwr is a short for node-way-relation

  • It helped me to write ">;" after the closing round bracket ");" and before "out". Otherwise no nodes with coordinates in the map were displayed. – qräbnö Oct 16 '18 at 16:10
  • @qräbnö you are right, I updated my answer. – AndreJ Oct 16 '18 at 20:00

The Quick OSM plugin for QGIS generates the following working Overpass query:

<osm-script output="xml" timeout="200"> 
 <id-query {{nominatimArea:Austria}} into="area"/> 
      <query type="node">
           <has-kv k="amenity" v="bank"/> 
           <area-query from="area"/>
      <query type="way">
           <has-kv k="amenity" v="bank"/> 
           <area-query from="area"/>
      <query type="relation">
           <has-kv k="amenity" v="bank"/> 
           <area-query from="area"/>
      <item />
      <recurse type="down"/>
 <print mode="body" />

for details see Overpass turbo/Extended Overpass Queries

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