Is there any database in QGIS? I use ArcMap with a file geodatabase. But now, I have to start a project in QGIS and I don't know, how to create a database.

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    you can only read and edit geodatabases in qgis - no creation only spatial-lite or shapefile.
    – Mapperz
    Commented Dec 22, 2014 at 20:16
  • And all the Spatial Databases. SpatiaLite is a "file" Spatial Database, as the new standard of the OGC GeoPackage: they use SQLite
    – gene
    Commented Dec 22, 2014 at 20:58

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You can use a number of data formats within qgis, including PostGIS, based on PostgreSQL. Here's a topic describing how to get started with PostGIS.


Have you worked through the QGIS training modules? I am not terribly familiar with QGIS either but it seems that QGIS relies on relational database management systems to create databases and access spatial data. I am currently training myself how to use QGIS here are the links to the training about RDBMS for QGIS.

Database concepts for PostGreSQL using QGIS

Database concepts for PostGIS using QGIS

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