I'm using CartoCSS to render maps that include large polygons (like national parks). At higher zoom levels I want labels along the inside of the polygon boundaries, like in OpenStreetMap:

enter image description here

I reviewed the openstreetmap-carto stylesheets but could not find how this is done. Using text-placement: line just places text on the line (this is how streets are labelled). I need it inside the line. Any ideas?

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try to add this

text-dy: -10;

you can look at file admin.mss in openstreetmap-carto project dir and find code

#nature-reserve-text[zoom >= 13][way_pixels > 192000] {
  text-name: "[name]";
  text-face-name: @book-fonts;
  text-fill: green;
  text-halo-radius: 1.0;
  text-halo-fill: rgba(255,255,255,0.6);
  text-placement: line;
  text-dy: -10;

it will done what you want

and you can also add text-spacing: 30; option it will set the repeat words distance

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