I have installed geoserver 2.1.4 on Ubuntu 10.04 i have jetty running on port 90.

I get to the login screen. I introduce user: admin password: geoserver and i am getting that user or passowrd are not correct!!

It is supposed that those are default user and pass. Can i change it on a file or something?

Maybe geoserver is not properly installed?



It is also possible to set a master password for GeoServer. This password serves two purposes:

Protect access to the keystore Protect access to the GeoServer Root account By default, the master password is generated and stored in a file named security/masterpw.info using plain text. When upgrading from an existing GeoServer data directory (versions 2.1.x and lower), the algorithm attempts to figure out the password of a user with the role ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR. If such a password is found and the password length is 8 characters at minimum, GeoServer uses this password as master password. Again, the name of the chosen user is found in security/masterpw.info.

Warning The file security/masterpw.info is a security risk. The administrator should read this file and verify the master password by logging on GeoServer as the root user. On success, this file should be removed.


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