I have table with lines(linestring).For a point wich i give it , I want to find out nearest line in point. I almost developed a query, but it is return the same line every point i give.

the query

   SELECT "NAME_LABEL", ST_Distance(ST_Transform(ST_GeomFromText('POINT(40.587840 22.951521)',4326),2100),geom) AS distance FROM geom ORDER BY distance ASC LIMIT 1;
  • What is your table called that contains the column geom. Do you want to find the nearest point on each line to the given point? – John Powell Dec 28 '14 at 9:42

Your query looks fine to me - are you certain of your point coordinates? The geometry produced by "ST_GeomFromText('POINT(40.587840 22.951521)',4326)" is in Saudi Arabia. Is this what you expect?

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  • TThank you the coordinates is 22.9151521 40.587840 is the correct i put it upside down – vagelis Dec 28 '14 at 10:56
  • For not open a new threed i have a problem with this query to express in php '$sqlSta ="SELECT *,ST_Distance(ST_Transform(ST_GeomFromText('POINT("$lgnSta"' '"$latSta")',4326),2100),geom) AS distance FROM roads ORDER BY distance ASC LIMIT 1;";' But is not work – vagelis Dec 28 '14 at 19:51

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