How do I convert a WGS84 lat lon point in PostGIS to Guass Kruger 3 (31467)?

Somehow, I do not seem to get it right. I tried the usual way for converting projections:

st_transform(st_setsrid(st_makepoint(50, 8), 2346), 31467)

However, this gives an out of bounds error. I assume PostGIS expects the values to be Cartesian coordinates.

  • EPSG::2346 is also a Gauss-Kruger projection – nmtoken Jan 14 at 13:06

Maybe just a typo? WGS84 is 4326.

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  • Thanks. Sometimes the answer is so simple yet hard to find out... That is probably a very old typo going througout quite a lot of my queries... – Thilo Aug 1 '11 at 8:04

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