I have to export some multiband Landsat imagery (Landsat channel combination 543) in high resolution in ENVI 5 for a Figure which I later will edit in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, best would be TIFF (geoinformation is not important).

My attempts to do this:

  • I stacked all channels into one file with LayerStacking and then loaded the needed band combinations into a new view. However when I am trying to save that file, I can only select the stacked file with all bands.
  • I know that there is the Chip View to File option but the output resolution is relatively low.

Is there a way to export it in higher resolution or another way?

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In fact, If i got you you mean visual enhancement. There are several way to enhance an image visually. I would suggest a simple one- band combination. **Change the RGB order to get better visuals **Export as Tiff(Use Save As in File Menu) as below ENVI

N.B. This may done Chipping too both are same. Tiff is better comparing other format. The main thing is RGB composite.

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