I'm using OpenLayers 3 to display my KML layer on the map. My KML contains two placemarks, one contains a linestring of waypoints and the second one is a point, like this:

<kml xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/kml/2.2" 
   <name>Asset 5</name>
    ... lots of coordinates ...
  <name>Current location</name>
  <description>Current location </description>
  <Point> <coordinates>50.1384717,11.2500542</coordinates> </Point>

I would like to center the map at the position of the second Point placemark.

How can I do this?


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Create the vector layer:

var vector = new ol.layer.Vector({
   source: new ol.source.KML({
       projection: 'EPSG:3857',
       url: 'http://path/to/your/data.kml'

Add it to the OpenLayer 3 map:

var map = new ol.Map({
    target: 'map',
    layers: [
        new ol.layer.Tile({
            source: new ol.source.OSM()
        }), vector
    view: view

And then wait until the layer is ready to access its second feature's coordinates and use them to center the view (borrowed from Layer loadstart & loadend events in OpenLayers 3):

var listenerKey = vector.getSource().on('change', function(e) {
    if (vector.getSource().getState() == 'ready') {
        vector.getSource().unByKey(listenerKey); // Disconnect

I've created this JSFiddle for reference.

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