I have a question about PythonWin. Does it come with the DVD when you install it or does it have to be installed manually separately from the ESRI DVD ?

On my computer at work, it does not come with it, but when I am doing some training on Python I had to install it manually separate from the DVD .

Does PythonWin have to be within the ArcGIS folder under the Start Menu? My computer shows it has Python 2.7 folder but has no Pythonwin.


If PythonWin is installed on your Windows machine, it will likely be located at the following path:


If it is not installed on your machine, download it from the following location:


It is important to install the correct version of PythonWin that will work with Python 2.7, which is the version ArcGIS 10.x uses. Therefore, you want to download the .exe labeled:


As a side note, I would recommend using a different IDE than PythonWin, as I have found the application tends to "hang" while processing resulting in no active print messages. The IDE I prefer is PyScripter, which has a better debugger, more options, and tend to hang less often.

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