I have created a map service (via ArcGIS Server) to serve SDE content up to a web map/application in ArcGIS Online. The service contains a group of 10 shapefiles (points, lines, and polygons). All the data is present and the map service works correctly when opened in ArcMap. However, whenever I add the service to an ArcGIS Online web map, the point symbols draw offset approximately 60 feet to the southwest (see picture). Blue selection box is true point position; note the symbology to the SW. Blue selection box is true point position, note the symbology to the SW.

Polygons and lines draw as they should. If I add the individual shapefiles in the group to the map (rather than bringing in the whole service), the points draw fine. Doing this, though, I lose the ability to group layers. All data is in the same projection.

Any idea what's going on?

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This problem was "solved" (really more of a workaround) by changing the projection/transformation of the data frame in the map service to Web Mercator (WGS84). This allowed me to not have to reproject data that we have stored in a DBMS (via ArcSDE) and still symbolize the points correctly in my web app.

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