I have a python script with some parameters - see screen. enter image description here

You see the last parameter is of type Double, default Value 0.

The code i have this:

Ausrichtung = float(arcpy.GetParameterAsText(9))
if Ausrichtung == '#' or not Ausrichtung:
    Ausrichtung = "0.0"
# maybe there is some useless ballast...it comes from an export from modelbuilder, and I am learning python now.

arcpy.AddMessage("Ausrichtung"+ Ausrichtung)
SteigungX = -math.sin(math.radians(Ausrichtung))

1) When I start the script - in the form i let for this parameter a 0, i always get: Ausrichtung0.0 TypeError: a float is required 2) If I start the schript - with this parameter as a 5, it works. 3) When I replace last line with SteigungX = -math.sin(math.radians(float(Ausrichtung))) it works with all values, also with 0

I have several more parameters before this, and I can calculate with them.

Why is Zero so different?

Why do I have Ausrichtung in case 1) a 0, even when I use this float function?

AddMessage give a 0.0, so why still not recognized as float?

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Try replacing this:

Ausrichtung = float(arcpy.GetParameterAsText(9))
if Ausrichtung == '#' or not Ausrichtung:
    Ausrichtung = "0.0"
arcpy.AddMessage("Ausrichtung"+ Ausrichtung)

with this:

Ausrichtung = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(9)  # do not float() until you know it's numeric
if Ausrichtung == '#' or not Ausrichtung:
    Ausrichtung = 0.0  # a float, not a string
    Ausrichtung = float(Ausrichtung)
arcpy.AddMessage("Ausrichtung {0}".format(Ausrichtung))
  • Thank you, meanwhile I got more Ideas: - the "numeric" is given through the input form (i can´t enter nothing but a number in the input field) - so I can use float(arcpy.Getparameter(9)) - I can use "GetParameter" (GetParameterAsText seems not to be necessary) - 0 means false, so it goes to the If Condition - you are right - not "0.0" but 0.0 makes a float This code works now and should be safe: Ausrichtung = float(arcpy.GetParameter(9)) if Ausrichtung == '#' or not Ausrichtung: Ausrichtung = 0.0 Correct in all points? – Michael Glöckner Jan 14 '15 at 16:38
  • 2
    In that case, the whole thing can be reduced to Ausrichtung = arcpy.GetParameter(9) if arcpy.GetParameter(9) else 0.0 (all on one line), and everything from the if onward is only necessary if it's possible to pass in null/blank values instead of 0. – nmpeterson Jan 14 '15 at 16:42

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