I have two feature classes: an old one and a new one that I want to compare.

Both feature classes have the same field structure and have a reference field 'ID' whose values are the same, except in the case of deleted rows or added rows.

To compare, I used the tool 'Feature Compare' using 'ID' as a sort field. The output text is very useful as both attributes and geometry are compared, but the comparison is done on feature that share the same 'OBJECTID'.

How could I use this tool using 'ID' instead?

Alternatively, I tried to join my feature classes on the attribute 'ID' but the result is not easy to analyse as I want to know every modified, added and deleted features.


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A solution is to write a python script/tool to compare on one or several fields, which prints every difference found (field values or shape difference).

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    If you add this as your own answer, please describe the tool you've written. Otherwise it's not really an answer.
    – dru87
    Apr 26, 2016 at 7:04

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