I'm using the Nominatim API in geojson method to retrieve streets poly line.

For short streets I have no issue and the results are good.

However for long streets the data I'm getting back in the JSON is partial and I'm only getting a small part of the street.

Is there a method which I can use to give me the full street poly line even for long streets?

Here is an example of a street I have issue with and would like to get one JSON file with the all street poly line.


this is the JSON file I'm getting:


  • I'm not familiar enough with Nominatim to fully understand your question or to know if this is helpful, but have you tried using Overpass Turbo ( overpass-turbo.eu ). If you are simply trying to get hold of a json file for a set of lines sharing a set of common attributes then this is where I'd start. – Rostranimin Feb 11 '15 at 23:25

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