Portal for ArcGIS allows creating custom roles with different privileges defined. Fine. But if I need even more detailed customization?

For example if I need to create a role which can create a map but not an app? Is there a way to separate the item "Content" to Maps and Apps and define different privileges for each?


I believe you can create custom roles in your enterprise AGOL site/Portal 10.3 by clicking on the following:

  1. Login to enterprise account as an administrator
  2. Click 'My Organization'
  3. Click 'Edit Settings'
  4. Click 'Roles'
  5. Click 'Create Roles'
  6. Create the custom role
  7. Enter in a role name and description.
  8. Select a template
  9. Customize the role even further by clicking the additional privilages options on and off

Hope this helps.

  • Thank you Josh for your detailed answer. I already wen that far and were able to define custom privileges but I need to separate Apps from Maps which is not an option yet.
    – user25190
    Jan 23 '15 at 8:52

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