Using QGIS 2.6.1-Brighton in Ubuntu 14.04

I have a polygon layer loaded from a PostGIS query with int4 values that range from 0 to 3000. When I try using the Random Points tool on this layer, none of the integer columns appear in the dropdown list for "Use value from input field." When I divided the values in a column by 10 to diminish their range (while still using integers) I still could not run the function.


I saved the query layer to file and reopened it and this still did not resolve the issue.


When I created the layer from the PostGIS query I used the census tract geoid::bigint as a gid. In the properties of the layer this field was being considered by QGIS as a QString.

Adding a new column to the layer with value row_number and naming it gid solved this problem of specifying an input field in Random Points

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