I am running a join in model builder based on a calculated field in a geodatabase table and a created layer. After the join I am selecting features and copying selection to a new Shapefile.

My issue is that during the join the resulting joined layer has all field named using the LayerName.FieldName naming convention. I have tried both checking and unchecking the environment setting of "Maintain Fully Qualified Field Names," however, neither are working. Only way I can seem to fix it is to manually delete and rename the fields during the copy features process.

Wondering is there a specific modelbuilder setting/tool/process I can use to only keep actual field names.

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The tool Copy Features honours the qualified field names environment setting. So Use that tool to make a copy of the dataset with the join and work with that.

  • Hornbydd, thank you very much, using the copy features tool right after my join worked! Thanks
    – ZachS
    Jan 20, 2015 at 22:04

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