I am developing an app that should also work on mobile devices. I would like to close all open popups when clicking on the map (in this case only one can be open at any point, as opening a new one closes all existing ones; therefore referring to index 0 in the code snippet below).

The event has been registered like this:

itemsMap.events.register("click", itemsMap , function(e){

And here is the function that takes care of it:

function closeOpenPopups(){
    // close popup if existent

    // unselect all features

This works perfectly fine when testing it on non-mobile devices, but the popup just won't close on mobile devices. The strange thing: the unselectAll() works fine, so I guess I can assume that the click event is changed into a tapping event when using a mobile device (or that method would never be fired, right?).

  • I don't believe that goog.events has a different click event between mobile and other computing devices. If you could put up a complete working example in jsfiddle or similar, it would help. Jan 22, 2015 at 10:15

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First of all I would test if the click event is fired on the mobile device (for example with a simple alert) http://jsfiddle.net/expedio/n68f7jus/ enter image description here

( and make sure you are using a up to date version of OpenLayers like 2.13 )

If you are using the popup for a vector layer you could try if this example works on your mobile device (vector style not even optimized for mobile devices)


enter image description here

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