I am building a geodatabase from data collected on a GPS handheld in the field.

The GPS device collects decently accurate information but I need to make sure all the polygons, lines, and points are aligning correctly.

I currently have the an Arcview license and don't believe I can create my own topology.

Is there any work around or extension that I can download, instead of upgrading my ArcGIS license to create and edit the topology in this way?


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To work with topology using a Basic (formerly called ArcView) level license you can use map topology on your file geodatabase:

A map topology creates topological relationships between the parts of features that are coincident, which allows you to simultaneously edit features that share geometry. You can create a map topology for point, line, or polygon layers from shapefiles or geodatabase feature classes. The features can be in one or more layers and have different layer types.

It is easy to create a map topology. You simply choose the layers to participate and set the cluster tolerance. In addition, if you click the Topology Edit tool without having an active topology, you are prompted to set up the topology.

Standard/Advanced level licensing is only required when wanting to store topological relationships in your geodatabase. Your requirement seems to be only for topology editing rather than storage.

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