I have a polyline that when I created it I did not enable the z value. Is there away that I can enable the z value for my polyline so that I can add z values using 3D Analyst?

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I don't know of a way to enable Z values afterwards, but here's a workflow to create a new polyline with Z enabled and copy the existing fields and data over:

1) Create a new polyline feature class which stores Z values.

enter image description here

2) Import the existing fields from the old polyline feature class.

enter image description here

3) Right click the new polyline feature class in ArcCatalog and go to Load Data.

enter image description here

4) Select the old polyline feature class as the Input Data, and follow the rest of the Load Data wizard.


Create a new feature class of type "Line", and check "Coordinates include Z values", continue through the options until you get to field names. Import your original lines which didn't have Z enabled.

Then, right click your new feature class, and "Load Data" from your original polyline feature class.


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