I have added a new SLD style for my nyc_roads layer but no map is displayed with the new style. I get the error "The requested Style can not be used with this layer. The style specifies an attribute of NAME and the layer is: wsNYCRoads:nyc_roads".

The named layer has already been named as suggested but still the same error appears. Why?

 <Name> wsNYCRoads:nyc_roads </Name>      

I guess the attribute "NAME" is written in capital letters in your style and your column name of your layer/service is "name" without capital letters.could that be?

  • Thanks, I think you are pointing me into the right direction. Still couldn`t make it work though.This is where I found the "NAME" in the code: <Rule> <MaxScaleDenominator>32000</MaxScaleDenominator> <TextSymbolizer> <Label> <ogc:PropertyName>NAME</ogc:PropertyName> </Label> Even if I write my layer name here instead of NAME I get same type of error "The style specifies an attribute of wsNYCRoads:nyc_roads and the layer is: wsNYCRoads:nyc_roads".Tried with just layername and also as NAME="wsNYCRoads:nyc_roads". – nimetu Jan 23 '15 at 22:45
  • <ogc:PropertyName>name</ogc:PropertyName> – Thomas B Jan 24 '15 at 6:33

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