I am a Master student looking to do my thesis in cartographic labelling using GeoServer. The thesis topic will be something like "Cartographic Labelling in Real Time Mapping using Web Services.

I am looking for the best way I could write my algorithm, where I can put my generalization in GeoServer.

I'm not professional in this matter and seek suggestions on how to get started. For example, where can write the algorithms in GeoServer, which programing languages could be used.

The concept is that if you have a real time map and as long as using the zoom the represented data should vary according to a standers that i shall control ... those standards should be algorithm that i will design, but from what i get that there is a pre-generalized option within the sld standard inside the geoserver ... now for me i would like to put my own standards and modify the ( pre-generalized )

Does anyone know where I can enter my algorithms?

In summary, I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to write my algorithm (where? how? which programming language?) and make it usable by GeoServer.

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GeoServer (and it's undelying library GeoTools) are written in Java so that is the language you will need to use.

The labeling engine is part of the GeoTools renderer module so you'll need to study and understand how this code works.

Assuming that you would like to eventually add this code to the GeoTools library then you'll need to read the Developer's guide, which includes information on getting started and how to discuss changes with the existing developers.

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