I am using OpenLayers Tile layer fot my map application. I have WMS layers on map like this:

  • Parcels,
  • Streets,
  • Buildings,
  • Gas Pipes,

I zoom to somewhere on map that all layers are visible. I want to select a region within a rectangle and get view as an image. After get image, I want to put it to PDF. How can I do this?

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Try the Geoserver print module http://docs.geoserver.org/latest/en/user/extensions/printing/index.html

First you have to download the print module (be sure to choose the correct version!) then unzip the downloaded content and put the files to your /WEB-INF/lib/ folder of your Geoserver installation.

Restart Geoserver and check if the config file was generated in YOUR_GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR/printing/config.yaml

If the printing module was installed properly you should be able to retrieve informations from your Geoserver about your print module: http://localhost:8080/geoserver/pdf/info.json

This response you can use to set a variable, lets call it "printCapabilities"


and use this variable then in combination with GeoExt (http://geoext.org):

printProvider = new GeoExt.data.PrintProvider({
                url: "localhost:8080/geoserver/pdf",
                method: "POST", // "POST" recommended for production use
                capabilities: printCapabilities, // from the info.json script in the html
                customParams: {
                    mapTitle: "Einzugsgebiete Liechtenstein",
                    //comment: "nix"
                    dpi: 300

//Drucken/PDF (Button)
    btnPrint = new Ext.Button({
        iconCls: 'print',
        layout: 'fit',
        tooltip: 'Drucken',
        handler: function() {
            var printDialog = new Ext.Window({
                title: 'Druckvorschau',
                autoHeight: true,
                width: 300,
                items: [
                    new GeoExt.PrintMapPanel({
                        sourceMap: mappanel,
                        printProvider: printProvider
                    /* {
                        capabilities: printCapabilities
                    } */
                bbar: [{
                    text: "Create PDF",
                    handler: function() {

Here you will find several GeoExt-examples with printing functionality:


or have a look at the newer Version GeoExt2:


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I use in my project MapfishPrint to print map in pdf or image.

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