Alright, so I'm getting closer to figuring this out but I'm stuck at one (that I know of) thing... how do I use GDAL to apply a known origin of a GeoTiff to another that has been processed in Photoshop?

The snippet below is what I'm trying to get working. It's a pretty rough 'sketch' of what I want to accomplish and will work it out once I get going in the right direction. I'm just hoping that you can tell what I mean by looking.

So, I take the data from a good gtiff image, and want to copy it to the same image that has been broken. Is there any way to do that?

def applyRefs(input, output):
print "processing %s" %input
in_file = gdal.open(input)
gt = in_file.GetGeoTransform()
if not geotransform is None:
print 'Origin = (',geotransform[0], ',',geotransform[3],')'
print" this is where the function to copy world file info to processed tif `will go"`


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Use affine to load the world file, translate it from center to corner reference, and reorder the coefficients for GDAL.

import os
import affine
from osgeo import gdal

ds = gdal.Open(input, gdal.GA_Update)
gt = ds.GetGeoTransform()
if not gt:
    # guess the name of the world file, if it exists
    inputwf = os.path.splitext(input)[0] + '.tfw'
    # then read and apply the world file
    with open(inputwf) as fp:
        A = affine.loadsw(fp.read())

There also old school methods with libgeotiff utility programs:

  • Extract a world file: listgeo -tfw myfile.tif
  • Copy a world file: geotifcp -e myfile.tfw input_without_gt.tif output_with_gt.tif

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